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Specialising In Underground Mining Equipment Maintenance Solutions

About MineMech Mechanical Services PTY LTD

A dedicated team in a growing industry

MineMech Mechanical Services PTY LTD is a rapidly growing mechanical contracting company specialising in the underground hard rock mining industry.

Based in Kalgoorlie Western Australia, we offer quick and responsive 24/7 services. From breakdowns to scheduled maintenance, we have you covered to keep your downtime to a minimum and your availability to a maximum. Ensuring that operations are running smoothly and effectively.

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Labour Hire

From short-term roster cover to long-term labour hire, we have you covered to ensure your operations are never short of mechanical tradespeople.

Drill Support

With experienced maintenance personal, we can provide normal scheduled servicing on your development and production drills to major component change outs and fault finding.

Field Service

With the latest vehicles and tooling, we are sure to offer a quick and rapid service. Our experienced maintenance 
personal do all kinds of rosters to keep your operations running smoothly.

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